Annual Report




It is a recycled polyester bag that was created to eliminate the gross overuse of plastic shopping bags. Even though the initial use of this bag was for carrying groceries, there are numerous other uses as well: gym bag, beach bag, travel bag, stocking stuffers, etc. This bag weights a mere 2 ounces and carries up to 40 pounds of goods! When fully open, the bag is quite large and spacious at its 19” x 15.5”. The most unique feature of this bag is that it folds down into a small 3.5” x 5” pouch with a draw-string and carabineer for easy storing ability. If it gets dirty, the bag can be tossed into the laundry to be cleaned. The ChicoBag came in 8 stylish colors. The bag straps were accented with a complimenting trim color.


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