(Left to Right) Seth Thomas, John Shults, Jason Bartling, Emily Simmons


Seth Thomas, Vice President of Operations:

Seth Thomas is a Junior Business Management Major from Lancaster, OH.  Seth is experienced in leading many work teams throughout his career and feels this experience will help him greatly as this year’s Vice President of Operations.  He began in high school as a Supervising Janitor within a local mortgage company.  After graduating high school, Seth began leading collaborative learning groups for several college-level classes.  Following his second year at college, Seth went to Seville, Spain where he took a position as the Legal/Logistical Director for Talks and Jams LLC.  With the team help of eight other individuals, and in conjunction with McCann Erikson International, this company successfully created a business plan for Campos de Uleila to export olive oil to the United States.  In his third year, Seth undertook the position of Project Manager within a local branch of an international organization.  Throughout his life and career, Seth’s goal is to please his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the application of hard work, integrity, and passion for others. 


Emily Simmons, Director of Sales

Emily Simmons is a junior Business Management major with an emphasis in Human Resources from Lapeer Michigan. Ever since she was able to obtain a job at the legal age of sixteen, she has been working and has loved every minute of it. Starting out at a local Tim Horton’s in her hometown, and then moving to the next town over to be a assistant manager in opening a new Tim Horton’s, she has truly enjoyed the working experiences she has been through. Emily has managed many different work teams with Tim Horton’s and also here at Cedarville and truly enjoys working alongside and with her peers. She aspires to serve God while serving others wherever the Lord is going to take her.


John Shults, Director of Purchasing and Logistics

John Shults is a Junior management major from Kingston NY.  In addition to serving as the Director of Purchasing and Logistics for Grounded, John is an officer in SIFE, as well as a men's discipleship group leader.  John is enjoying his work with Grounded, which includes working with the finance department at Cedarville University in order to ensure smooth transaction between the company and its supplier.  John is also in charge of making sure that the companies resources are available when and where they need to be.  In the next several semesters, John hopes to gain experience in several different industries in order to get a more clear idea of where he will be able to most effectively use his business skills.  John is also widely recognized as one of the most awesome people ever, yes ever. 


Jason Bartling, Director of Inventory

Jason is a Junior Finance Major from Waterville, Iowa.  Jason is serving Grounded as the Director of Inventory within the Operations Department.   Outside of Grounded, Jason is currently involved in SIFE and has a job within Cedarville University’s Advancement Department.  He is planning on graduating in December 2010 and would like to pursue a career in the Financial Planning realm.  Jason is also serving as the Secretary of Theta Rho Epsilon, OPE, a men’s service and discipleship organization.