The Proverbs Journible™ is hard-backed, leather, 224 pages long, with gold foil and a bookmark ribbon. It also has a Cedarville-customized dust cover with an explanation of the 17:18 Series, how to use the book, a summary of Grounded's mission, and quotes from Dr. Brown, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Estes. As you open the book, you will see chapter and verse numbers on the right-hand pages. These are conveniently spaced according to the length of each verse. However, these pre-formatted lines are left blank for you to hand-write the book of Proverbs yourself. The idea for this comes from Deuteronomy 17:18, where God commands the kings of Israel to hand-write their own copy of the Torah, or book of the law. The purpose of this was so that they would carry it with them always, read it, learn from it, and lead the people accordingly. It's interesting to note that 3400 years later, educators have been discovering that most people learn kinesthetically, by doing or writing things out for themselves. From these two ideas together then, comes the conception of this series of books: The 17:18 Series. As you look at the left-hand pages, the lines are left blank for personal notes and comments on the text. There are also some questions scattered in light print throughout these pages. These questions are meant to guide you in thought as you study the book of Proverbs and to help you understand the types of questions you should be asking of the text. The Proverbs Journible™ is designed to help you as a student of Scripture to slow down and absorb the wisdom that God has laid out in His Word.

What is a Journible?