Grounded was formed on September 15, 2009, through an opportunity presented by Cedarville University’s Integrated Business Core (IBC) program. The IBC was established in 2002 as a method of incorporating business head knowledge with real world experience. Along with company involvement, each student is required to take principles classes in marketing, finance, and management. While we are under the rules and guidelines of the University, we still operate as a fully functional and operational entity as a company.

About the Integrated Business Core

The Integrated Business Core (IBC) integrates classroom learning with real life business experience. It is a series of three business classes coupled with a business practicum where students create and run their own company. Students take the principles that they are learning in marketing, management, and finance, and apply those to the company that they have established.

The Integrated Business Core at Cedarville enhances the business curriculum by providing hands-on experience. Students not only learn about business theories, but they get to experience the challenges and rewards of real-world business. This includes interacting with vendors, borrowing money, writing a business plan, and developing a product to bring to market. The real experience is what makes the IBC unique. Cedarville is the only Christian university that offers a program like this to its business students.