(Top Row) Daniel Goetz, David Lambert, Nick Bigler (Bottom Row) Lindsay Wilson, Ashley Moulis


Nick Bigler, Vice President of Finance:

Nick Bigler is a Junior Accounting/Finance major who is currently serving as our company's Vice President of Finance.  Along with being a three-year member of the school's varsity golf team, Nick also is a participant among the Accounting Society and will serve on this year's SIFE Marketing team.  With internships the past two summers at Tritium, Inc. and other group work experience, Nick plans on contributing wholeheartedly as an effective leader for the company.  He is from Elkhart, IN and is the second of three children and plans on pursuing life in the business world as a Certified Public Accountant, where he can demonstrate his leadership and abilities as a follower of Jesus Christ. 


David Lambert, Chief Accountant

David was born on August 12, 1988 in Houston Texas. He is an accounting/finance major and currently working for his parents at Lambert Jewelers. After college he plans to attend Law School as well as trying to get an accounting job to help pay for it. David currently lives in Brock dormitory and enjoys hanging out all of his friends. In his spare time he plays basketball, baseball, and golf intramural sports. David has really enjoyed my time at Cedarville and will miss it when he graduates.


Lindsay Wilson, Treasurer

Lindsay Wilson is a Finance major at Cedarville who serves as the Treasurer for Grounded. She also functions as Director of External Relations for Cedarville University SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) and enjoys leading the world’s best discipleship group. Family, friends, basketball, running, music, and Chik-fil-A sweet tea are the things in this world which bring her the most happiness. In the future, Lindsay hopes to use her finance major as a way of reaching out to ministries who need advice for budgeting and raising support.


Ashley Moulis, Director of Finance/Accounting

Ashley is a Junior Finance major with a Political Science minor from Kansas City, MO. She has really enjoyed being a part of an amazing IBC company and getting to put all that book knowledge into practice. When not doing homework, Ashley enjoys boating, water skiing, playing tennis, ballroom dancing, traveling, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and spending as much time as possible with her family. After graduation, Ashley plans to pursue a career as an investment manager or work for a public policy research organization. However, she would accept about any job if it included living in New Zealand or Australia for a couple of years!


Daniel Goetz, Staff Accountant

Daniel Goetz is a Junior Finance major at Cedarville University.  He serves as Staff Accountant for Grounded, a Cedarville IBC company.  In doing so, he is responsible for tracking online sales through interdepartmental communication, creating financial statements, and selling directly to clientele.  He anticipates an internship in the area of corporate finance for the summer of 2010 to further his professional knowledge and business skills.  Besides business, Daniel enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing electric guitar, and participating in physical activities.  In the future, Daniel would like to work for an investment bank or pursue a career in the music industry.