Simply Refreshing is a company established for the purpose of glorifying God through offering a fresh and health-conscious product which allows the Cedarville community to fulfill their role as stewards of the earth and themselves. It is this distinct vision that motivates this company to develop a reputation of excellence and integrity through the way Simply Refreshing conducts business, and embraces our responsibility to service and ministry.



Simply Refreshing is a unique company within the Integrated Business Core (IBC). Comprised of 22 Business majors, majoring in either Marketing, Finance, Management, or Accounting, our company seeks to utilize our variety of skills to maximize our business profit. Our company is divided into 5 different departments: Accounting/Finance, Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, and Service, each of which is responsible to fulfill their role in the business process. After considering numerous product ideas, we will be producing and selling stainless steel water bottles. Consisting of two sleek designs, the bottles were designed to specifically market to two target markets.
Simply Refreshing has decided to partner with the organization, Blood:Water Mission, to provide cleaner, healthier water. Simply Refreshing is committed to donating the entirety of its profit to Blood:Water Mission, further revealing its partnership and support of the organization and its mission.





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