3.75 s

Winner of the iPod Shuffle!


1. Participants must use their own purchased ChicoBag(s).

2. Each bag can be used to log two (2) official time trials; no more.

3. To log a time trial, participants must stuff their bag into the pouch and toss the pouch into a recycling bin eight (8) feet away. It is not necessary to pull the drawstring or the close the fastener.

4. A time trial starts when the stopwatch is activated, and ends when the pouch hits the bottom of the recycling bin. Time continues to run until the basket is successfully made.

5. The person logging the fastest time trial will win the iPod Shuffle. Time trials logged by members of Im'Paks shall not count toward the prize.

** 6. Contest ended Friday, November 13th, 2009. **


iPod is a refurbished model purchased from Apple. Includes a 1GB green iPod shuffle, earbuds, and USB charging dock. Valued at $40.