It’s about time...

Dayton Gospel Mission, founded in 1912 by Reverend and Mrs. Peter Quartel, is an inner-city mission located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, “where the need is great, yet the fields are ripe for harvest.”  This organization serves as an outreach for the local homeless and underprivileged of all ages, races, and circumstances.  Their purpose is to “try to meet the needs of a person as Christ would have us do it.” 

Dayton Gospel Mission

Continuum has decided to volunteer at the Dayton Gospel Mission in Dayton, Ohio, over the course of the semester.  Each member of our company will be volunteering at least ten hours during this time.  At the end of the semester, any profits that have been generated by the sale of our product will in turn be donated to the Dayton Gospel Mission for their continuing work in the community.

We, as a company, are looking forward to all of the service opportunities that we will be able to have throughout the semester with Dayton Gospel Mission.  We feel that by partnering with this organization, we, too, will be able to have a greater impact in the community and be “a light that shineth in darkness.”